Top 5 Universities in Uganda with the most beautiful ladies

I’m pretty sure every Ugandan guy has always wondered which university in Uganda has the most beautiful girls! Who wouldn’t want to six next to a chic that looks like an angel from heaven while attending lectures? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to rub shoulders with beauty masterpieces and take selfies with them?

Ugandan has over 40 universities with unbelievable number of gorgeous ladies. The institutes are flooded with hot angels that would make your heart melt simply by looking at them. The lasses  you would beg to chop your money. If you’re the type that cannot control you whopper emotions around such damsels, you would better stay away from these universities.

As expected, coming up with a list of these universities, was a very hard task for me. I mean every University in Uganda has beautiful ladies. The only logical way I would perfectly rank them would be me visiting all Universities in Uganda during ladies’ events and rate each of them before aggregating and comparing results, an enormous task I couldn’t take.

But I had a better idea, and the idea was to use science.

While growing up, we all had groupings we belonged to. These groupings were based on many things such as tribe, sports, class performance etc. But the most significant groupings were based on economic classes. We had the rich class kids, the middle class kids, and the poor kids from tough backgrounds.

Truth be told, the kids from rich class were consistently more attractive than kids from other groups. I envied the rich class kids. These kids spoke fluent English, always dressed smartly and they seemed to have everything under control.

Science dictates that when a kid is raised in a calm stress free environment, this kid tends to develop into an attractive being. In contrast, a kid raised in a stressful environment where they constantly face physical threats and food insecurity tends to develop a less attractive being.

Stress induces the production of a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is designed to increase one’s probability of survival in stressful conditions. The hormones works by hardening bones, especially bones around the face, thus making someone look visibly threatening or tough. Read more about the science of stress and attraction.

Using this science concept, we can conclude that universities in Uganda with the most attractive belles have a large percentage of kids (female students) from well-off families, kids who grew up in good life in stress-free environments thus developed into attractive beings.

Thus, these universities ought to have high tuition fees and a large number of self-sponsored students. Private universities dominate in this sector, and even when government introduced scholarship and student loan programs, the ratio of self-sponsored students to government-sponsored students is still high.

In addition, I also considered universities that offer courses that are mostly preferred by ladies. The more ladies a university has, the higher the probability of finding beautiful ladies.

With that said, let’s dive in.

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Universities with the most beautiful ladies in Uganda

Below is a list of the top 5 universities in Uganda with the most gorgeous lasses:

1. Victoria University – VU


As expected, a university with students from all over the world would attract kids that have lived a life of a silver spoon. VU is a university where parents who look at money as nothing take their kids.

The institution has been designed to European standards and offers courses that lead to careers characterized by affluence such as banking and finance, International business, International relations, journalism etc Ladies are attracted to these courses as they project female empowerment.

So if you’re looking forward to being intimidated by beauty and brains, Victoria University is the place to be.

2. Uganda Christian University – UCU

uganda christian university students

Tucked in the magnificent district of Mukono is Uganda Christian University, the home of the prettiest Christian belles that Uganda has to offer. Considered the best private University in Uganda, UCU has built a reputation for decades that makes it attractive to wealthy folks.

Its strict Christian policies, makes it one of the most disciplined universities in Uganda, and because of this, it generally attracts students from reserved families. Such families always want to provide their kids with a conducive environment to study without too much fuss.

The university has a very expensive fees structure but this does not scare away affluent parents with beautiful daughters from admitting them to what might as well be considered the Harvard of Uganda.

Walking along streets of UCU, you will completely get exhausted from seeing cutest damsels besides getting intimidated and spoilt of choice.

3. Kyambogo University – KYU

Kyambogo university students

Kyambogo is the second-largest university in Uganda. Located in Banda, this institution has a collection of ladies from every background you can think of. The wide selection of non-technical courses that the university offers is the main cause of this.

The veteran university enrolls thousands of students every year due to its large capacity, although this impacted the quality of personalized education. Ladies are more than men at Kyambogo, and courtesy of the shallow academic schedules that give students lots of free time to party.

When you visit Kyambogo, you will not walk more than 10 meters without seeing a gorgeous colleen. They are plenty, and most of them are ready to have fun.

4. Kampala International University – KIU

kiu students

Located Kansanga Ggaba road is KIU, a private university that has built itself a reputation for producing many notable media personalities and celebrities. KIU is the preferred University for young Ugandans with great ambitions despite their academic/family backgrounds.

Besides that, the university offers many courses that ladies prefer, such as Mass communication, nursing, law and Social Sciences. Its tuition structure is a bit out of reach for most people; hence it’s likely that it attracts daughters of mostly affluent families.

The campus is splash with very pretty damsels. When you step at KIU, your jaw will drop in the presence of magnificent beauty queens passing by.

5. Makerere University Kampala – MUK

makerere university students

Makerere University is the largest and most prestigious university in Uganda. Due to its status and the large variety of courses it offers, the university attracts many kids from different backgrounds. But most notably, bright kids from well-off families who want to study in Uganda usually prefer MUK. It is no surprise that you will find the most charming colleens in this institution. Humanities and Social Sciences account for a large percentage of ladies who are drop-dead stunning. The institution’s proximity to Kampala CBD also makes it easy to live party lifestyles, something many gorgeous belles want.

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Definitely, these are not the only universities in Uganda with the most beautiful ladies. All Universities have a fair share of beauty. But if we are looking at probabilities, the universities I have covered in this list are most likely to have the biggest ratio of the most attractive belles in Uganda. Having been to Makerere University and visited universities like MUST, Ndejje, Nkumba and MUBs at that time, I can authoritatively attest to the general difference in general attractiveness of ladies in these universities. I can’t remember the number of times i checked out for beautiful babes at St. Lawrence University and I couldn’t get enough of them.


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