Online shopping in Uganda: What you should know about the new trend

A survey by Mastercard on consumer spending habits nearly 55% of consumers in Uganda are now shopping online more since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This proves that Uganda has one of the fastest growing ecommerce systems in Africa, with more businesses opening up online shops, a trend that is expected to accelerate further.

The survey also revealed healthcare, data, clothing and banking are fast-moving consumer goods in Uganda that have seen the highest surge of online activity.  An overwhelming 88% of consumers said they purchased internet data online, 65% purchased clothing while 54% said they had purchased computers and phones.

With the rapid rise in online shopping in Uganda, Ugandan online shoppers are now increasingly becoming aware of the risks associated with the online shopping trade. With 75% of consumers now doing internet banking, 64% said secure checkout was fundamental for a safe shopping experience.

Some notable online shops in Uganda include Jumia, Ubuy, Condala, Kikuu, Ugamall, Masiki, Dantty, Bazebo, Suubula, TilyExpress etc.

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Factors accelerating online shopping in Uganda

Ugandans adopting online shopping in Uganda are attracted by some factors such as;

1. Free Deliveries / Fair Delivery Charges.

Some online stores like Kikuu Uganda offer free deliveries on all orders. Some offer free delivery on selected orders while others like Jumia fair delivery fees according to the buyer’s area of delivery.

2. Reviews From Other Buyers

On many online shopping sites in Uganda, buyers have an option to leave feedback on the items they have purchased. The feedback is purely based on the buyer’s experience with the product, and obviously no buyer would be happy to purchase products from a seller that has very negative buyer reviews. Reviews give buyers confidence to make decisions whether to buy from a particular store or not. Having these in mind, Ugandan sellers must try to offer the best customer experience in order to get a top rating for more customers to buy from them.

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3. Wide Variety to Choose from at a Glance

Buyers are not pressured to buy products they do not like by the sellers as it usually happens in traditional shops. A buyer can maneuver from one online store to another comparing products in terms of price and designs they desire with just a tap of a button.

4. Time Efficiency

Buyers do not have to go round hoping from one shop to another searching for products, they simply have to scroll on their gadgets and choose what they want in just a few minutes compared to traditional shopping where you have to go from shop to shop.

5. Anonymity

For Ugandans who love their privacy, no one has to know what you are buying from an online shop and your products come while they are sealed.

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