In this digital generation, we are practically limited from doing certain things if we do not have electronics close to us. Electronics have changed the world and the way we do things through automation. At University, life won’t be any different.

There are certain essential gadgets you will need to thrive on at campus. You will have to carry some of them everywhere you go for the price of ignoring them will be unbearable.

Essential gadgets every Ugandan University student must have

Some of the most essential gadgets you will require while at campus include:

1. Laptop

After high school, one thing every graduate requires to have is a laptop. Want to know why? Well, a laptop stores your stuff including documents, movies, music, photos etc. It also gives you access to the internet where you can do research and also network on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It is also enable you play games, bet online, access eLearning and many more. Not having a laptop at campus is as good as subjecting yourself to inconveniences.

2. Smartphone

A smartphone is essential for purposes of communication, scheduling, timekeeping and even making transactions. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to carry a phone all the time without fun things to do with it. This is where a smartphone comes in. A smartphone is basically a portable computer. You can do with it what you could do on your laptop. I even don’t understand why I’m explaining this. A smartphone is a basic need that everyone must have.

3. Flash disk

Your laptop cannot have all the music and movies in this. And you cannot carry it every time you want to go somewhere and copy to it what you don’t have. This is where a flash disk kicks in. A flash disk is a more effective portable storage device especially if it has a big storage capacity. You can just plug it into any computer out there and secure your little files.

4. LAN Cable

You must be wondering why I have included this cable here. This cable comes in handy when WiFi at campus is slow. You can directly connect your computer to network sockets using your LAN cable and enjoy very high internet speeds. In addition, a LAN cable also enables very fast transfer of data between computers. If you are a gamer, you can even play games like need for speed with your friends without having to share a laptop.

5. Memory Card

I guess you noticed that I’m still insisting on storage devices? A memory card adds more storage capacity to your phone. Literally, you need not less than 10 GB of storage space in your mobile phone to strive well. Boosting your storage with a USB card can give you enough space to download stuff like mobile apps and youtube videos if you have access to free WiFi.

6. A System

A system is not a basic need but it can surely help you. You need something to entertain you when you are at your hostel room resting, thinking or doing your stuff.

A system can keep you connected to the world through radio and it also gives you amazingly awesome sound effects when watching your favorite movies.

Just in case you want to hold a party at your room, a system will give the music that would keep your jam hyped. A system gives you a campus experience. Personally, I can’t imagine a life at campus without it a woofer, sound bar or home theatre.

7. Calculator

I couldn’t leave out this. In fact, it should have topped the list. Most courses at university involve Math. So, it can be really hard to survive without a calculator. You will need a calculator especially during exams since sharing calculators in an exam is not allowed at most institutions. Get one for yourself, at least an acceptable one like the Casio fx-82ms.

Basically, those are the 7 essential gadgets every Ugandan university student must have. In addition, you should also consider having the following:

  • Gaming pad
  • USB cable
  • Power-bank
  • Power Extension
  • External Hard drive
  • Modem/MiFi
  • Earphones/headphones

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment or ask any question. You can also add what you think is essential but has not been included.


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